"Betrayal"   The Book ......

In this gripping novel, dark betrayal surrounds two lovers who have dated secretly for two years, all while desperately trying to find a solution to their religious differences.

Jack Fraser is a only and desperate divorced  father of two who is struggling to live  a normal life while attempting to shut the door on his haunting past.  Caitiy Anderson is a beautiful and patient media executive desperately in love with Jack. Initially, she believes she is kept a secret from Jack's family and the  Catholic Church because she's not Catholic ....................

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 C.D. Nolan was born the middle of three girls in suburban Montreal. 

With parents that taught her that no dream is off limits, she got her degree in Communications at Concordia University, studying Journalism, and Communications. She held a role in transportation sales for over twenty years while still enjoying all types of creative avenues. In a job that challenged her serenity; writing brought her the relaxation she needed.  She now resides in Brampton Ontario, Canada.

An accomplished oil painter and musician, her passion is writing. She believes that books are a window into another world for an adventure that you never have to leave home for. The greatest gift about writing is the creative outlet it provides, while the writer creates a world that challenges your mind.  For C.D. Nolan, writing is an amazing adventure that changes with every page.

Once told that to write well, you have to have experienced great love, great loss and truly understand how events affect our lives. Today having gone through many life altering and challenging hardships. She realizes just how true that is



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